Maximize Your Store's Growth by Understanding Your Customers

Make data-driven decision on the individual customer level. Our next-gen analyzation makes sense of your customers past behaviour to create an actionable plan.

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Understanding customers is crucial for store owners as it enables them to improve their marketing and sales efforts, increase revenue, and enhance customer loyalty. By gaining insights into customer behavior, store owners can optimize their operations and stay competitive in the marketplace.

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Deep insights for your customer & products

By analyzing customer data, store owners can gain insights into the demographics, preferences, and behaviors of their target market, allowing them to tailor their marketing and sales efforts more effectively.

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Powerful segmentation with continous analyzation

Unlock insights on customer behavior by analyzing data to make smarter business decisions, improve marketing and tailor product offerings.

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Export Precision Matched Customers

Export any segment of customers into CSV format for excel, sheet and other use..

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We are determined to create a platform for serious store owners to grow through customer understanding and smart automations.

  • Automated Workflows (Coming)

    Set up workflows to automatically complete repetitive work based on customer insights, segments and more.

  • Advanced Exports (Coming)

    Export a wide-range of data from WooCommerce including products, orders, customers without any stress on your servers.

  • AI Intergrations

    We will work with store owners to provide their store with AI where possible.

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Connecting your WooCommerce store is seamless. You'll get access to our continous segmentation tool.

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We are building the next generation of tools for eCommerce stores. Let's shape the future of Customer Ray and your store together.

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  • Deep insights into customers
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Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

    • How does it work?

      You'll be guided to securely connecting to your store via the WooCommerce REST API. We use secure AES-256 encryption for API keys.

    • What data is stored?

      Customer Ray will sync and store all orders, customers products, coupons for continous analyzation. You can delete your store and all data anytime.

    • Will my store remain fast?

      Absolutely! We've designed Customer Ray has a minimal impact on your store. You don't need to install an additional plugin, and we batch sync data via the built-in WooCommerce REST API. All heavy analyzation take place on our servers.